2021 Interview pre-reading

Congratulations on being offered an interview with In2scienceUK! One of the most important things we look for is a passion for STEM, so during your interview we will want to know about your interests. A good way to prepare for this is to read at least one of the articles linked below. Of course, if you want to read up on something else that’s entirely up to you!

If any of these links don’t work, please let us know via [email protected]

Prospects for Life on Venus Fade – But aren’t dead yet

Forests: Carbon sequestration, biomass energy, or both?

Effective containment explains sub-exponential
growth in recent confirmed COVID-19 cases in China using SIR modelling

How COVID-19 vaccines function

After decades, room temperature superconductivity achieved

The psychology of conspiracy theories

Catalyst turns mixed plastic waste into natural gas

What is the Second Genome and how does it affect us?

Public engagement is key for the future of science research

Machine learning and the pandemic

The journey towards an autonomous transport system