Digital Ambassador

Get ready to share your journey with us

As an In2Science Digital Ambassador, you’re about to embark on an exciting journey! Your mission? Complete 4 fun-filled content tasks over the summer, where you’ll showcase your awesome STEM placement and share your incredible summer programme experience.

Content Tasks

Get ready to unleash your creativity and passion for science in unique ways. Whether it’s through videos, posts, blogs, or any other digital magic, you’ll make a lasting impact as you spread the wonders of STEM. But that’s not all! As a reward for your dedication and hard work, you’ll receive a fantastic £40 Amazon gift card once you’ve successfully completed all 4 content tasks. It’s our way of saying thank you for being an incredible In2Science Digital Ambassador!

Content Task 1

In2Science Vibes: My 60-Second Sci-Journey!

Task Description:

We want you to produce a 60-second video for social media (please film in portrait mode ) where you introduce yourself (first name only) and tell us what inspired you to join the In2Science summer programme. We’re eager to know which aspect of the programme excites you the most for the upcoming weeks. Be creative, engaging, and enjoy showcasing your passion for science and learning!

Here’s a helpful step-by-step guide:

1. Introduce Yourself: Start your video with an introduction – who you are, what makes you unique, and where your passion lies. 

2. Uncover Your Motivation: Share with us the compelling reason why you chose to apply for the In2science summer programme. Was it a goal? Desire to make a difference in the world of STEM, A chance to get extra experience for your UCAS application? Let us feel your excitement and enthusiasm!

3. The Journey Ahead: Tell us what you’re eagerly looking forward to in the upcoming 

weeks of the programme. Is it conducting groundbreaking experiments, meeting inspiring mentors, or learning new skills? Your anticipation will spark curiosity in others!

4. Creativity is Key: Don’t be afraid to infuse creativity and humour into your video. Feel free to use visual effects and catchy background music. Keep It Snappy: Remember, you have just one minute, so make every second count!

Be authentic, be enthusiastic, and above all, be YOU!

Feel free to use Imovie, Canva, or Tiktok to edit your videos. 

Task Deadline: The deadline for video submissions is Thursday 3 rd August.

Please email your videos to [email protected]

We can’t wait to see your videos. 

Content Task 2

Introducing your STEM Placement

Task Description

Visual Storytelling: Create a captivating video, a series of images, an illustration, or a slideshow that highlights your daily activities during your placement. Showcase the experiments, projects, or tasks you’re involved in, and feel free to get creative with your storytelling! Let your visuals paint a vivid picture of your experience.

Engaging Write-up: Alongside your visuals, include captions, a voice-over, or a short blog that provides insights into your placement experience. Share the challenges you’ve faced, your discoveries, and the exciting moments that have left you in awe of STEM. Use your words to engage and inspire others.

STEM Impact: Describe how this placement has influenced your perspective on science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Has it strengthened your passion for a specific field? Or opened your eyes to new possibilities? We want to know how this experience has impacted your journey in STEM.

Task Deadline: Please submit to us within a week of your placement taking place.

Please email your videos to [email protected].
We can’t wait to see and share your incredible placement stories with the world! Keep up the fantastic work, and let’s continue spreading the joy of science!

Content Task 3

What ignited your passion for STEM?

Task Description

Share the pivotal figures, transformative moments, or impactful experiences that set ablaze your fascination and interest in STEM.

Your choice: Create a concise blog post, share a captivating image paired with a short caption, or design an illustrative representation. Make it engaging and inspiring – a snapshot vividly portraying the “who” or “what” first sparked your passion and love for STEM. This could include mentors, teachers, pivotal incidents, memorable interactions, or transformative milestones.

Option 1 – Draft a concise blog post (around 400 words). Employ compelling visuals and brief text to convey the core essence of each inspiration.

Option 2 – Visual Impact: Share an attention-grabbing image, or design an illustration with a brief caption, encapsulating your inspirations visually.

Task Deadline: The deadline for submissions is Monday 14th August, 5 pm. Please email your submission to [email protected]

(If your file size is large please email your task via the free file-sharing website We Transfer)

Content Task 4

Reflect, Share & Inspire: Your In2scienceUK Adventure

Task Description

As your experience on the In2science summer programme draws to a close, we invite you to reflect on your transformative journey and share your insights with us. Your reflections will capture your growth and inspire others on their STEM pathways. Has the programme perhaps even reshaped your perspective on your preferred STEM field? How have your aspirations evolved, and what do you aim to pursue post-programme? Share your plans for further education and what’s next for you. 

Choose from the following formats to convey your story

Format Options:

  • Video (between 2-3 minutes): Create a short video (please film in landscape mode) where you reflect on your experiences, challenges, and growth during the programme. Highlight key moments, projects, and mentors that have shaped your journey and what’s next for you.

  • Blog Post (500-800 words): Write a blog-style piece that encapsulates your journey, the connections you’ve forged, and your vision for the future. Feel free to include images that enhance your narrative.

  • Illustration with Caption If you’re artistically inclined, craft an illustration representing your In2scienceUK experience. Add a caption explaining its significance.

Task Deadline:  The deadline for submissions is Thursday 24 August, 1 pm. Please email your submission to [email protected] (If your file size is large please email your task via the free file-sharing website We Transfer)