Introducing In2research

In2research is a year-long programme designed to enhance access to postgraduate research degrees and career opportunities for people from low socioeconomic backgrounds and under-represented groups. Whether you are currently engaged in studies or employed, In2research provides valuable experiences that can pave the way to your academic and professional aspirations.

The 2024/25 In2research programme will take place in London, Manchester, Glasgow and Cambridge, creating an enriching environment for participants to thrive.

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Exploring In2research: What’s included?

Online Workshops

 To support professional and skills development, including academic CV writing, interview preparation, and communicating your research.

Mentoring Sessions

 With a subject-specific researcher offering individual support for your career development.

Away Days

In-person days in London where you’ll meet fellow participants, practice networking skills, and showcase your research.

Research Placement

A full-time 8-week summer research placement research placement at a top University supported by a stipend.

Hear from our participants

In this video, we’re excited to be joined by Chazi, who will be our personal tour guide through the most unforgettable moments of his time in the In2research programme. Together, we’ll explore the profound impact the programme has had on his life.

In2research programme timeline


Applications open


Applications close


Interviews for places on the programme commence


Participants are accepted onto the In2research programme and are matched with subject-specific mentor and placement

An in-person professional development away day in London

December to April

Participants receive four online skills workshops and four small group mentoring sessions


Participants have an informal placement interview

June – August

A full-time, eight week research placement with researchers at top universities or institutes, supported by a tax-free stipend 


In-person away day and celebration event where participants display and discuss their research

Participant feedback

In2research Celebration Event

“In2research has shown me that I have options; that there is a place for me in research.

After my placement, I was offered a job in the research team, and now I’m applying for PhDs. Whilst I’m not sure of my exact next steps, I know that In2research has given me a toolkit of skills to help me in my future.”

In2research Participant – 2021/22
Habiba, an In2research alumna, smiling, wearing glasses and a white coat.

“I had an excellent experience on the programme. My mentor was approachable,  positive and enthusiastic about his research and career which was inspiring. 

It made me realise that I need to feel the same way about my research if I am to pursue a PhD and career in academia. My mentor set an excellent example. 

I left the programme having made two amazing connections (with my mentor and fellow mentees) which I look forward to maintaining in the future.”

HabibaIn2research Participant – 2020/21

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