Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

We build impactful, strategic and transformational corporate partnerships through funding, expertise and voice. By joining forces with us, your organisation becomes an integral part empowering the next generation of scientists, engineers, and tech-innovators while dismantling barriers to social mobility.

Hear from our partners

Working with In2scienceUK is enriching for Abcam employees, providing development opportunities for junior staff through supervisory responsibilities and allowing them to see what we do through a different lens.

Sarah Bolt – Head of New Product Integration, Abcam

Ways to Partner with Us

Workplace Volunteering

Encouraging your employees to volunteer as STEM mentors can inspire young minds, guiding and supporting our students.

Financial Support

Providing financial support to fund our programmes, ensures that young people have access to the opportunities they need to succeed in STEM.


Exploring sponsorship opportunities for specific events, programmes, or initiatives can enhance your brand visibility while directly contributing to our work.

In-kind Donations

Consider donating equipment, materials, or resources that can support our programmes by enriching educational experiences for our students.


Encourage employee engagement in our initiatives through team-building events or fundraisers fostering community among your staff.

Research Partnerships

Collaborating with us on research projects, surveys, or studies related to STEM education & social mobility improves our understanding of issues.

Why support In2scienceUK?

Create Meaningful Social Impact

In2scienceUK is at the forefront of promoting social mobility through STEM education. By partnering with us, your company becomes a driving force behind real, tangible change. Your support directly influences the lives of aspiring young scientists, providing them with opportunities that may have otherwise been out of reach.

Gain Access to Emerging Talent

Our programmes introduce you to a diverse pool of highly motivated and talented students. These individuals represent the future of STEM fields, and by engaging with In2scienceUK, you gain access to potential future employees, interns, and collaborators who are dedicated and passionate about making a difference.

Create Long-term Sustainability

Our vision extends beyond short-term impact. By investing in the development of young talent and breaking down systemic barriers, you contribute to a sustainable, long-term transformation that benefits both individuals and society as a whole.

Help us make a difference


of our In2STEM students received university offers, with 95% of partcipants choosing to pursue STEM degrees


professional placements were successfully delivered across our 2023 In2STEM and In2research Programmes


In2STEM students reported that the programme made them more sure of their career aspirations following their time with us