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“In2scienceUK has helped me push past my barriers and explore all the different career options out there. I finally felt that connection to STEM I lacked beforehand due to my background. It automatically opened new doors for me and brought me into an inspiring community. 

I am currently working as a laboratory technician in a Chemistry lab. What I love most about my job is the ability to experience science within an educational setting.”

AnniSummer Programme Participant

“During my time at In2scienceUK, I met a number of amazing people, completed invaluable workshops and started to develop transferable skills. This helped form a foundation in which I started to gain the confidence to pursue a career in medicine. Through the programme I completed my first medically related placement, in which I shadowed Dr Holton.

I surmounted several challenges during the application process, both academically and personally, to secure a place at Leeds Medical School.”

Daniel Summer Programme Participant

“In2scienceUK gave me a unique opportunity to write about my experience for my university personal statements and in interviews for research placements and gave me an upper hand once starting university as I had gained some lab experience.

I graduated from my undergraduate degree in 2022 and I am now an MPhil Genomic Medicine student at Cambridge.” 

LynetteSummer Programme Participant

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