Our Impact

At In2scienceUK, we place a strong emphasis on measuring the impact that our STEM placement programmes have on our students. We are enormously proud to continue delivering outcomes that transform the lives of talented young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our Success

External evaluation shows that young people on the programme have statistically significant increases in key indicators after the programme supporting their knowledge, skills and career progression.

Download our 2020 Impact Report to see what we achieved in the last year.

Our Impact

ZK Analytics showed the programme had a statistically significant and positive impact on our young people which include:

  • Young people after the programme feeling that scientists and engineers are like them.
  • Significantly more confidence in speaking and networking with STEM professionals and academics.
  • Knowing significantly more STEM professionals who can give them advice.
  • An increase in their knowledge of the diverse careers and routes into science and engineering careers.
  • A significant increase in the ability to write a high-quality personal statement.

Impact by Institution

You can view all of our in-depth impact reports below.

2019 UCL Impact Report18 MB
2019 UCL Engineering Impact Report7 MB
2019 Kings College London Impact Report26 MB
2019 Oxford & Reading Impact Report31 MB
2019 Exeter Impact Report39 MB

Get Involved

We would not have been able to make this impact without all of our hosts, volunteers, supporters, partners and donors.