Trust and Foundations

Trust and Foundations

Join us and play a key role in our mission to provide life-changing opportunities for young talent, helping bridge gaps and inspire brighter, more inclusive tomorrows. As we collaborate with trusts and foundations, we bridge gaps, inspire futures, and work towards a brighter and more inclusive tomorrow – join us in making a meaningful impact.

Ways to Partner with us

Programme Sponsorship

You may choose to sponsor specific programmes or initiatives we run. This targeted support can have a direct impact on the success and reach of these programmes.

Capacity Building

You may support our organisational development by providing funding for capacity-building activities. This can include training programmes, technology upgrades, or staff development.

Advocacy and Promotion

This can involve trusts and foundations advocating for our mission, helping to raise awareness and garner additional support. This can include featuring us in your communications, events, or publications.

Why partner with In2scienceUK?

Impact Amplification

As a trust or foundation, your primary goal is to make a difference in the world. Partnering with In2scienceUK allows you to amplify your impact.

Focused Philanthropy

We work closely with trusts and foundations to identify programmes and initiatives that align with your mission.

Recognition and Visibility

A partnership with In2scienceUK offers the chance to gain recognition and visibility for your trust or foundation’s commitment to social mobility and education.

Our Impact


of our In2STEM students received university offers, with 95% choosing to pursue STEM degrees


professional placements were delivered across our 2023 In2STEM and In2research Programmes


In2STEM students reported that the programme made them more sure of their career aspirations