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Inspire futures with In2careers

Calling all STEM Enthusiasts, Researchers, and Industry Professionals. Join Us in Transforming STEM Journeys through In2careers Volunteering. Your expertise is needed to support participants in our In2careers programme. By volunteering, you’ll play a crucial role in creating a transformative experience for individuals on their STEM journey. Your involvement is an invaluable opportunity to help inspire and guide the next generation of STEM leaders.

Why volunteer with In2careers

Help Fuel passionate Journeys

Share your expertise and enthusiasm with individuals determined to carve their path in the world of STEM.

Shape a Thriving Community

Contribute to the growth of the STEM community by fostering connections and providing insightful guidance.

Hone Your professional Skills

Develop leadership, mentoring, and communication skills as you positively impact the lives of aspiring STEM professionals.

“Working with In2scienceUK is a rewarding experience. Code for Life aims to help everyone learn coding and help shape future technology. Having participants from In2careers gives the Code For Life and Ocado Technology teams an opportunity to mentor and support them on real-life software projects in order to gain industry experience.”

┬áLaura Cumming – Code for Life

Volunteer opportunities

We offer a range of exciting opportunities to make a meaningful impact in the STEM community. From mentoring to site visits careers panels to exclusive internships, there’s a role that suits your skills and interests.

Flexible Volunteer Matching: If these predefined options don’t align perfectly with your expertise, don’t worry. We’re here to collaborate with you, tailoring your volunteer experience to suit your unique strengths best. Your contribution is vital, and we’ll work together to identify how you can make a significant difference and support our participants.

Industry workshops

What to Expect: Contribute to industry workshops, sharing your expertise and helping participants gain insights into the latest trends and developments within the STEM industry.


What to Expect: Serve as a guide and mentor, leveraging your wealth of knowledge to inspire and shape the paths of aspiring STEM professionals.

Careers panels

What to Expect: Contribute to virtual career panels, providing valuable insights into diverse STEM professions and assisting participants in making informed career decisions.

Access to work experience

What to Expect: Open doors for participants by facilitating access to hands-on work experiences, fostering skill development, and providing exposure to the STEM industry.

Site visits

What to Expect: Immerse participants in real-world STEM environments, offering first-hand experiences that go beyond traditional classroom learning.

Exclusive internships

What to Expect: Provide exclusive internship opportunities, giving participants practical experience and insight into the inner workings of the STEM industry.

Skills clinics

What to Expect: Lead skills clinics to empower participants with practical, hands-on skills essential for success in STEM fields.

Volunteer with In2careers?

Discover ways to make a difference and support our participants by contacting the In2careers team.