In2research Programme

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This page is for people interested in mentoring In2research participants. If you want to apply to participate in In2research, go here.

To improve diversity at the PhD level and beyond, we need to bridge the gap between undergraduate and postgraduate study. This programme provides an opportunity for you to be that bridge by supporting, guiding and inspiring people from disadvantaged backgrounds during the next stage in their STEM journey.

Students on a STEM summer placement

We are looking for researchers to join us as we help participants to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to pursue postgraduate research.

By becoming an In2research mentor, you will join a dedicated team that aims to create a research community with equal opportunities for all.

Why Get Involved in the In2research Programme?

Starting in November 2021, this programme consists of informative workshops, inspiring away days, and an 8-week fully funded research placement. Your role as a mentor will be to support students in five monthly small group mentoring sessions to help them refine and master their new skills. Through this programme you will:

Make a Difference

Join a dedicated team to deliver a programme supporting some of the most underserved groups in academia

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Gain Knowledge and Skills

High-quality cultural and race literacy training for mentors and supervisors, as well as professional development opportunities designed in collaboration with key organisations: Leading Routes and UPSIGN

See the Impact

Impact reports to use in departmental REF reporting and applications, alongside long-term evaluation of the programme and its impact

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Grow Their Confidence

Work through pre-written tasks with enthusiastic mentees, designed to compliment workshops and show participants how to succeed in the world of research

“In2Research is a valuable programme as it aims to equalise opportunity for all. This is crucial so as to not disadvantage those trying to achieve a career in research, but who perhaps don’t know an individual with a degree, or haven’t had the possibility of engaging in extracurricular activities that expose them to a research environment, something increasingly essential for progressing into postgraduate research. Not all mentees on the programme may choose a career in research but they should have access to the knowledge that enables them to choose what is right for them. In2Research is a key way of facilitating this.

Professor Martina Callaghan
Principal Investigator (Physics) and Deputy Director, Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging, UCL

Our Impact

We are passionate about improving diversity at the PhD level, and believe that the wider STEM community will benefit from students from all backgrounds being able to pursue post graduate research.

Evaluations show that after the programme students are more likely to:

Understand the day-to-day life of a PhD student

Know how to network effectively with academic professionals

Feel confident to write a high-quality PhD application

Help us to Change the World of Research