Making informed degree choices

Kaarthigan tells us how his Neuroscience placement at UCL has helped him make an informed decision about his choice of degree…

I had a two week placement at the Ear Institute at UCL, and I wanted to talk about the overall experience and effect it has had on the decisions I made when applying to university. Before  my work experience I was on the fence; whether I should complete a medicine degree, or go into a more research-based side of science. Coming out after the work experience, I was able to come to terms with what scientists do from day to day, and the different types of research which can be carried out.

An experience which especially stuck out was when I attended the Institute of Child Health for a talk from different Neuroscientists about Developmental Neuroscience. This showed the vast areas which can be studied from one degree, and how scientists will not just stay in one place, but travel around the world to collaborate with other scientists. This specific experience from my placement leads me to do try to do a Neuroscience degree at university. This decision came about through the work placement I attended, where I was lucky enough to experience the day to day life of scientists, the mistakes they make, the regulations etc.

In the end this made me change my mind on the original question: Medicine degree or research side? Now I’m sure that I would like to do a Neuroscience degree, and do further research in that field thanks to the in2science work placement.

By Kaarthigan M