Ariba explored her passion for Chemistry with In2scienceUK

We spoke to In2scienceUK student Ariba about how she found taking part in the programme in 2020, and how it’s had a big impact on her career decisions. 

“ I wanted to take part in the In2scienceUK programme as I believed that it would provide me with an opportunity to expand my knowledge in careers related to STEM and allow me to interact with professionals who share similar interests to me.

The experience helped me explore the different aspects of the sciences and made me recognise how valuable a degree in STEM is. It also made me realise the significance of STEM-related careers in our everyday life.

Attending the lectures and completing the tasks set by researchers enabled me to develop analytical skills as well as communication skills. The programme helped me gain confidence as it helped answer any doubts I previously had about pursuing a degree in chemistry.

The highlight of the programme for me was meeting my mentor. I was able to share my passion and interest in chemistry with someone who was an expert in this field. I was also able to ask for advice whether it be about university in general or career related.

Taking part in the In2scienceUK programme confirmed my desire to work in a lab, hence pursue a career in research in the future as it will allow me to continue my passion for the sciences as well as develop transferable skills. It made me realise how broad chemistry is and the impact it has on other fields such as medicine which is simply fascinating!

The In2scienceUK programme is such an amazing experience. It doesn’t only equip you with skills that will benefit you in the future but allows you to connect with experts and other students who are also fascinated by STEM.”