Our 2020 Programme

Make a difference and inspire the pioneers of the future

In response to COVID-19, this year our award-winning programme has moved to an exciting new online platform: the In2scienceUK Virtual Placement Programme.

The In2scienceUK Virtual Placement Programme will provide disadvantaged 16-18 year olds with the right support this summer. It will connect students with volunteer mentors who can explain their own journey into STEM and help guide them towards a path that is right for them. Through live webinars the programme will also enable participants to engage in cutting edge research, develop key skills and boost applications for further education. 

Volunteer as a mentor with us this summer to make an impact that will last well beyond the effects of the current pandemic.

Mentor with us this summer

We are looking for science, technology, engineering and maths researchers and professionals to deliver three 45 minute mentoring sessions to a small group of up to five students.

It’s easy

We will provide you with all the training and guidance you need to become a fantastic mentor with us, and also boost your CV! The sessions will take place in set blocks of time over the summer, according to your availability.

It’s safe

We shortlist and interview disadvantaged students before matching them to you based on their interests. Mentoring sessions will be hosted as webinars through our secure online platform.

It will make a difference

Each session will centre around sharing  experiences, challenges and ideas. With your help, these young people can gain the knowledge and confidence needed to pursue a career in the field.

What else is happening this summer?

Without physical work placements going ahead this year, we will instead be giving our students access to exciting online opportunities. Through a range of subject specific courses, they will get the chance to delve into topics in detail and explore STEM beyond the classroom. Researchers and professionals will showcase their work, with projects and competitions for students to engage with along the way.   

The virtual programme will also build key skills through live webinars delivered by our team alongside expert volunteers.

If you are willing to volunteer in this way or would like to find out more about how else you could support the creation of our new online platform, please: