In2research: Volunteers

The In2research programme is a year-long programme that runs alongside participants’ studies or work. It aims to boost their confidence and give you experiences to help you access a postgraduate research and research careers.

An infographic of a road with dates and descriptions, titled the in2research journey. August’s description is participants are accepted to the in2resarch programme and are paired with subject specific mentors. September to December’s description is participants receive four online research skills workshops and four small group mentoring sessions. Early 2023’s description is three placement interviews, In-person skills and networking away day. Summer’s description is 8-week paid research placements with researchers at top universities. September’s description is in-person presentation away day and celebration event.

Welcome to the 2022-23 Programme!

This year’s programme will run in London and Cambridge.
We will accept volunteers working within:

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Arts and Humanities

Social Sciences

There are 2 ways to become a volunteer…

We are now open for applications!

Please start by expressing your interest now and we will be in touch if we can successfully match you with our participants.

MentorPlacement Host
Main roleOnline guidance and supportSupervision of a research project-led placement
EligibilityResearchers from anywhere in the UK working within STEM, Arts and Humanities, or Social Sciences Researchers based at either UCL, City University London, or University of Cambridge working within STEM, Arts and Humanities, or Social Sciences
Application periodAugust-SeptemberAugust-November
and training
Period of
Once/month in November-March (except January)An 8 week period between June-August
Approx. time required
(in total)

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