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Applications for the 2023/24 programme are open

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Help inspire the next generation of researchers by mentoring or hosting a placement on our 2023/24 programme.

In2research is a one-year access programme developed by In2scienceUK and UCL that aims to give people from low socio-economic and under-represented backgrounds the skills and experience they need to access PhDs and research careers.

In order to run the programme, we need help from brilliant volunteers like you.

Programme Timeline


Participants are accepted onto the In2research programme and are matched with their subject specific mentor and placement volunteer

An in-person professional development away day in London

December – April

Participants receive four online skills workshops and four small group mentoring sessions

March – April

Participants have an informal placement interview

June – July

Host and Mentor recruitment opens


A full-time, 8 week research placement with researchers at top universities, supported by a tax-free stipend


In-person presentation away day and celebration event

The 2023/24 Programme

This year’s programme runs in London, supported by volunteers working within:

So, where do I fit in?

If you’re interested in helping us, take a look at these two options available to you:

Hear from our placement hosts…

“I’ve benefited from a boost to my career and research by enabling me to sharpen my teaching abilities, develop leadership skills and communicate clearly why my research is important.

It has also been a joy to work with somebody so bright and enthusiastic who asks refreshingly great questions..”

Dr. Stephen TerryIn2research placement host, 2021/22

“I have really been impressed by my In2research participant’s ability to learn so quickly – she picks things up so fast! She directly impacted the volume of data analysis we were able to produce through her work focussing on processing brain scans. She has already been offered a job here due to her great work!”

Sophie RobertsIn2research placement host, 2021/22

“It has been helpful for me to reflect on my own journey as an academic and I am now completely comfortable to host a placement. My conversations with In2research participants took me back to when I first joined this department and it reminded me of how far I have come in my journey and where I came from”

Dr. Emma HardingIn2research placement host, 2021/22

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