Case studies

Tobi Abiola

from Highbury Grove school

Tobi from Cardinal Pole Roman Catholic school in Hackney spent 4 weeks with Dr Tsalavouta working on the development of the fore-brain.

Tobi said about his experience ‘the range of skills I learned in the lab where I enjoyed my placement included problem solving skills, how to present data and read scientific papers, which are going to take me very far in life. It was not just about completing experiments; I also met some really inspiring people.’
Tobi is now studying Biology at Durham University.

“The scheme opens the door of opportunity for those highly intelligent, capable students who sometimes lack the confidence and contacts to organize placements themselves, giving them the chance to experience research science first hand. I found the experience of working with Tobi very rewarding. He had a strong drive to learn, great interest in biology and numerous intelligent original questions about science and life in science, leading to great conversations.”

Dr Martina Tsalavouta, Postdoctoral researcher



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