The in2scienceUK BBC Radio4 Appeal, with Steph McGovern

In2scienceUK has supported thousands of young people from low income backgrounds to reach their potential in Science, Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM). On the 29th of March 2020, Steph McGovern broadcasts our BBC Radio 4 Appeal, telling the nation of the pioneering work being conducted by in2scienceUK with young people every day across the country. Together we are promoting In2scienceUK’s mission to make the STEM sector as inclusive, diverse and dynamic as the UK itself.

The appeal features Sarah, who was interviewed by Steph to discuss the positive impact the in2scienceUK programme had for her. When asked how she achieved her place at Kings College London Medical school, Sarah said that the advice she received from her in2scienceUK host, “got me to where I am now”. 

Steph McGovern and Sarah O’Connell at the recording of the BBC Radio 4 Appeal for in2scienceUK 

In2scienceUK will use all funds raised through the appeal to support even more young people from low income backgrounds through an award winning programme, improving the lives of more talented young people like Sarah.

Listen to our appeal in full here: