Dr Maximilian Besenhard on virtual mentoring and pharmaceutical engineering

After hosting one of our students in his lab last summer, Dr Maximilian Besenhard, Research Fellow in the Department for Chemical Engineering at UCL, wanted to continue his support this year – he thinks our Virtual Placement Programme is a great initiative to bring talented and motivated young people into STEM. 

Max’s lecture on particles and pharmaceutical engineering gave our students the chance to hear about something they might have never heard about before. They also got some hands-on experience analysing some real data that he had produced.  

To be able to interact virtually with students, through two 45-minute mentoring sessions, was great and really gave him the chance to guide them through the challenges and excitement of working in research. 

Max got involved with the In2scienceUK programme after hearing about it from a friend and colleague, and has been spreading the word about us ever since!  “The future world will be a better place if chemists, physicists, engineers etc. outnumbered lawyers, brokers, and politicians.”

We are tremendously grateful to Dr Besenhard and UCL Engineering for their ongoing support of our Programme, and we were delighted to be able to show our thanks by writing him a letter of support for a grant application. Thanks for all of your amazing support Max!