How Vivian’s experience with In2scienceUK shaped her decision to study Engineering

We spoke to 2020 In2scienceUK student Vivian about how taking part in the programme helped to build her confidence and encouraged her to apply for degrees in Engineering. 

“I applied to the In2scienceUK programme in 2020 to gain insight on the opportunities in STEM that would enable me to have a successful career. I also wanted to take part as I felt that it would give me a chance to enhance my confidence, especially when working with professionals in STEM

My experience on the programme was amazing! I was able to work on cutting edge research modules with top researchers, as well as gain knowledge from career workshops that were held by different institutions and which gave me a better insight into the particular field in STEM that I want to branch into.

My favourite session was a lecture on ‘Engineering the Immune System to target Cancer’ which led me to research into the process even more, to understand how this new method could help save more lives in society. The different lectures helped me to understand more real life research as well as highlight the interesting opportunities within the field.

This experience helped to build my confidence and self belief in my potential to have a successful career in STEM. It also allowed me to improve my researching and interpersonal skills through tasks linked to the lectures.

The summer programme has fueled my desire to work in STEM, which has led me to apply for engineering courses at university. The programme has also enabled me to have a positive outlook about STEM and helped me realise the importance of STEM in society.

For any students thinking of applying to the programme themselves, you should definitely apply even if you are a bit unsure. The In2scienceUK programme will enable you to get a better perspective on the possible careers in STEM as well as giving you the opportunity to connect with scientists, engineers and many more professionals in STEM.”