How meeting engineers gave Aaisha confidence in her next steps

In2scienceUK student Aaisha took part in the In2scienceUK programme in summer 2021 as she wanted to gain an insight into careers in Engineering. She enjoyed getting the chance to interact with professionals across the field and has developed her communication skills through the process. Going into the experience with an open mind has allowed Aaisha to really explore STEM and to learn a lot of new and useful things.

“I chose to apply for the In2scienceUK programme as I wanted to get a deeper insight into what life would be like if I decided to pursue a career as a mechanical engineer.

The programme was a fun and useful experience where I could talk to real professors and PhD students who have gone into studying different engineering sectors. Meeting all of these professionals was the highlight of the programme for me and helped me to improve my people skills. 

Through the interactions that I had whilst on the In2scienceUK programme I am now more certain about what engineering sector I would like to study at university. My aspirations are to study mechanical engineering at university. I have learnt more about what it means to be a mechanical engineer, which has convinced me to study it at university and then have a STEM based career in the future.

To any students thinking of applying to the programme themselves I would say make the most out of this experience and be broad minded to all the different STEM categories.”