Research Fellow Charlie gets a new perspective through volunteering

Charlie, a BHF Jacqueline Murray Coomber Fellow at the University of Leeds, volunteered as a Mentor for the 2021 In2scienceUK programme to help encourage young people from a range of diverse backgrounds to pursue STEM. Charlie really enjoyed her time as a volunteer and would encourage anyone who is considering volunteering with In2scienceUK to give it a go. In her words – “just do it!”

“I wanted to volunteer as a Mentor for the In2scienceUK programme because I hoped that I could help encourage people into science and give them the benefit of my experience as a first-generation university student. 

We achieve more by working together and learning from others from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. If we want to do the best science we need to encourage more sharing, more interaction, more learning, more curiosity! 

I have loved being a volunteer for the programme. I found it challenging to think back to how I felt when first applying to University, recalling how I dealt with the apprehension. Hopefully by sharing that experience I’ve helped my students!

There are some skills I have gained as well. I’ve hopefully improved my listening skills. It’s always good to hear from others who have a different perspective. I’ve learnt that if you sit back and allow silence, others may speak up!

To anyone who is thinking about volunteering with In2scienceUK I’d say just do it!”