Promoting diversity and inclusion within IP

We are delighted to feature in this month’s CIPA journal, where we talked about In2scienceUK and our work promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM and IP. Our Business Development Manager, Luke McKelvey, was thrilled to share our story and mission with their readers.

One of the key areas where In2scienceUK has been making a significant impact is in collaboration with intellectual property (IP) professionals. This partnership has enabled young people from low-income and underrepresented backgrounds to gain experience and progress within STEM careers, specifically in the IP field.

The article highlights the importance of collaborating with IP professionals to promote diversity, inclusion, and social mobility in the field of STEM. By working with leading IP industry partners, In2scienceUK has introduced a diverse group of young people to careers in IP and contributed to the advancement of social mobility.

The article also includes information on sponsoring a cohort of young people and positively contributing to diversity, inclusion, and social mobility in IP. By doing so, businesses and individuals can play a crucial role in creating a more diverse and inclusive STEM industry, paving the way for a brighter future for all.

Read the full article in the CIPA journal here.