In2careers Explores the Palace of Westminster: A Day of Inspiration with Peter Kyle

Today marked a milestone for the In2careers team as we embarked on an incredible journey to the historic Palace of Westminster, accompanied by Peter Kyle, the Shadow Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology. The day took on a deeper meaning as Peter, a true advocate of public service, joined us to help inspire all of us, and he definitely did that.

His insights and captivating anecdotes added an extra layer of significance to our experience, highlighting the crucial importance of challenging policies and subjecting them to scrutiny before they become entrenched. Engaging with our students, he delved into the intricate process of transitioning from policy to implementation, shedding light on the role of Government Departments, legislation, regulations, and guidelines. Some of our students were surprised to hear about the necessity to consults subject-matter experts, local considerations, partnerships, collaboration, and effective communication are essential in policy implementation surprised some of our students. Peter’s discourse emphasised the intricate dance between crafting policies and ensuring they positively impact the public through thoughtful execution.

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Peter Kyle is the Labour MP for Hove, and has been an MP continuously since 7 May 2015. He currently undertakes the role of Shadow Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology.

The Palace of Westminster, with its iconic halls and chambers, stands as a living testament to the evolution of democracy. Our team was captivated by the grandeur that surrounded us, each step echoing with the weight of historical decisions that have shaped the course of British history. Walking through the same spaces where pivotal decisions have been made, we couldn’t help but reflect on the profound impact of education and mentorship in shaping the leaders of tomorrow. In2careers, beyond being a career development platform, is a vibrant community dedicated to inspiring and guiding individuals toward their full potential.

Eager to delve into the profound impact of governance and parliamentary processes on significant scientific endeavours, our students found renewed inspiration in Peter’s words. Every expression radiated his passion, leaving an indelible mark on our team, especially Hilina, who was deeply moved by his dedication to nurturing leadership.


My time here has intrigued me to understand the significance of power relations in health outcomes globally. I can say that my time visiting the Houses of Parliament has helped me learn how lasting decisions are made in health politics, giving me a visual representation of the kind of work I would like to progress in.

An alumna of In2scienceUK 2018, Hilina has taken her love for neuroscience to new heights. After earning her BSc Neuroscience Hons degree from the University of Sussex, she is now a Programmes and Research Intern with the Wonder Foundation, a charity that provides quality education for women and girls. Her work involves delving into global health issues, researching ways to mitigate challenges faced by partners in developing countries.

We spoke to Hilina and a few of our In2careers team after the visit, and captured this footage to share the spark that Peter Kyle had sparked in all of us.

Thank you, Peter

It’s also worth noting the dedication of In2scienceUK to its 5-year strategy, aiming to harness expertise and experience to influence UK policy. The journey goes beyond personal and professional development; it extends to actively shaping the future landscape of education and careers.