WEISS – Bridging the Future of Healthcare

By Ciara Byrne

The future is knocking at our door, and a select group of In2careers alumni had the opportunity of taking a sneak-peek into the incredible advancements happening in the field of medical technology. Hosted by the Wellcome / EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences, or WEISS for short, this exclusive In2careers event was a detailed look into the heart of lifesaving research and a deep exploration into the ethics of artificial intelligence in healthcare.

A Glimpse into the Future

Upon entering the state-of-the-art facility, our alumni were greeted by researchers in lab coats, surrounded by an array of cutting-edge equipment that seemed straight out of a sci-fi novel. Our alumni were given a rare, behind-the-scenes look at how pioneering research is transforming the way we understand and treat diseases. This included Da Vinci surgical robots and AI-powered diagnostic tools that are going to change the way we treat and diagnose diseases.

Where AI and Healthcare meet

The main draw of the day was the thought-provoking workshop where participants were tasked with navigating the murky waters of ethical decision-making in a near-future scenario where AI plays a central role in medicine.

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The workshop kicked off with a game designed to simulate real-world scenarios involving AI in healthcare. Participants were faced with complex dilemmas: should an AI have the final say in a patient’s treatment? How do we balance the immense potential of AI to save lives with the need to maintain human empathy and judgment in healthcare? These questions, once the realm of speculative fiction, are rapidly becoming the pressing issues of our time.

Is AI essential or detrimental to development?

Discussions were lively and passionate. Some participants argued for the efficiency and accuracy of AI, highlighting its potential to reduce human error and improve outcomes. Others voiced concerns about the loss of personal touch and the importance of human oversight. The interplay of these views underscored the complexity of integrating AI into a field as deeply human as healthcare.

These experiences not only provide a window into groundbreaking research but also empower you to play a part in the ethical development of technology. As we stand on the brink of a new era in medicine, it’s clear that the conversation around AI and ethics is just beginning. The main takeaway was about just how complex a notion of integrating AI into healthcare is – a field deeply rooted in human connection.

Kulsum’s Story

In2careers Alumni
“At the WEISS event, I had the opportunity to participate in an interactive workshop exploring the ethics surrounding use of AI in healthcare.

The discussions focused on how AI can be used more effectively to mitigate ethical concerns and improve healthcare outcomes. The session also highlighted the importance of understanding algorithms in the development of AI technology.

The highlight of the event was the robotics lab tour at WEISS. I had the opportunity to see cutting-edge technology such as the Da Vinci surgical robot that is currently used in surgery. I also got to see how biosensors are being developed at the centre for diagnostic purposes in healthcare.

Overall, this experience has significantly increased my understanding around AI technology and its importance in improving patient outcomes. I would like to thank In2scienceUK, Ciara Byrne, Isha Negi and WEISS for organising this amazing event. ”

Special thanks to Kulsum Shaikh, Glory Kinsiedi-Matonga and George Charles 

Don’t Miss Out on Future Opportunities

For those who couldn’t attend, this event serves as a reminder of the incredible opportunities available through In2careers. Keep an eye out for future events and be sure to reserve your spot early.