Our 2023 story

By George Charles

On June 25th, the air was warm and filled with excitement as In2scienceUK hosted its Summer Party, marking a momentous occasion: the one-year anniversary of In2careers. Alumni, hosts, partners, and supporters gathered to celebrate a year filled with growth, inspiration, and impactful stories. We shared our latest insights and impact with you, reflecting on Our 2023 story.

Reflecting on an Incredible Year

Our wonderful CEO, Colby Benari, kicked off the evening by reminding us of the milestones achieved in 2023. “We reached new heights in supporting more students than ever before. We’re here to celebrate In2careers turning one, so of course, we have a cake.” she proudly proclaimed, setting the stage for a night of celebration and warming up the crowd before our Alumni took to the stage.

Meet Daniyal

Inspiring Alumni Stories

He had complete control of the room from the moment he began speaking. When he transitioned to recounting his time at the University of Leeds, something magical happened. He set aside his notes, and the room erupted with laughter as he delivered a genuine and witty off-the-cuff retelling of his In2STEM placement there.

“In2STEM was a rollercoaster,” he confessed with a grin, “from learning to use the latest technology, like the scanning electron microscope, to figuring out how to gold plate tissue samples without ending up with a fancy paperweight! I even got to magnify shark and reptile skins – turns out, sharks are just as scary under a microscope.”

Daniyal joined us through In2STEM, but has grown to be one of In2careers most ardent speakers, delivering speeches at New Scientist Live and the Royal Institution. He is an incredibly confident individual that is always working on something, and we’re happy to share a look at his recent work with AstroPi.

Take a look at the Daniyal’s #AstroPi journey with the Raspberry Pi Foundation below.

Meet Leanne

As the evening progressed, the atmosphere at the In2scienceUK Summer Party grew even more inspiring. One of the most moving moments came when Leanne took the stage, bringing everything full circle with her heartfelt story.

Leanne brought us back to 2017, a pivotal year in her life when she first joined the In2scienceUK Summer Programme (now In2STEM). She began by remembering her initial steps into the world of STEM, describing how the programme opened doors she hadn’t even known existed. “I was just a student with a passion for science,” she said, “but In2scienceUK gave me the opportunity to take a look at a tangible career path.” Leanne spoke passionately about her experience, and her courage to take a different road than she had expected in a different career.

This incredible speech was a crucial reminder for all of us about the importance of trying new things and understanding that it’s okay to realise something isn’t for you and make changes. We are incredibly grateful for Leanne taking the time to connect with Alumni and share her experience.

Her journey through our programmes is the core mission of In2scienceUK: to empower students and create a sustainable cycle of mentorship and support. Leanne’s ongoing involvement with In2careers embodies this mission perfectly. She now actively participates in mentoring current students, sharing her insights and experiences to help them navigate their own paths in STEM.

Looking Ahead to a Bright Future

But it wasn’t just about reflecting on the past. Nicola Hall turned our attention to the future, addressing the UK’s pressing challenges in healthcare and STEM. She is from the Careers and Enterprise Company, that is dedicated to connecting young people with the world of work, offering invaluable resources and support to schools and colleges across the UK. Their programmes provide students with opportunities to engage directly with employers, helping them develop crucial employability skills and gain insights into various career paths.

Whether you’re a student looking to explore future career options or an educator seeking to enhance career guidance, visit Careers and Enterprise Company today to discover how they can support you on your journey to success.