In2scienceUK welcomes new government

Our CEO responds to the results of the General Election

On behalf of In2scienceUK, I would like to congratulate Labour on their success in the General Election and on forming the new government.

As a social mobility charity, we wholeheartedly support the government’s intent to break down barriers for change, as set out as one of the main missions in their manifesto. Social mobility is such a powerful force in improving young people’s lives and society as a whole for the better, so we’re eager to see how the government will work to improve equality of opportunity for all, including how citizens and communities will be supported to contribute to the nation’s growth and progress.

We’re confident that with the support of organisations like ours, the government will be able to make progress towards the core missions they set out to achieve. Our goals align with Labour’s ambitions in the following areas:

Kickstart economic growth

In order to grow and strive towards global innovation, we need to draw on and foster the capabilities of young people from all backgrounds. By facilitating pathways into careers in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) for students from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, In2scienceUK can help supercharge the UK’s efforts to deliver global solutions through technology and research. The effectiveness of our programmes, as shown by our participant data, gives us the tools to influence key stakeholders to support young people to access and progress within careers in STEM.

Last year alone, In2scienceUK supported more than 1000 participants through our programmes, delivering 875 placements and giving our participants the opportunity to access vital workplace experiences across STEM and research.

Make Britain a clean energy superpower

In2scienceUK exists to unlock the potential of young people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds who are currently underrepresented across STEM sectors, including clean energy. For the UK to lead the transition to clean power, we will need the contribution of all parts of our population, along with the benefits of building diversity and inclusion. 

Initiatives like ours are key levers in building skills and capabilities in more disadvantaged areas, including coastal areas and the industrial heartlands. Through our programmes, we can support the next generation of STEM professionals to tackle UK and global energy challenges.

“I find a lot of value in ‘bringing people to science’ and bringing these opportunities to people who don’t usually get them. So a programme like In2research is exactly what I was looking for…
Seeing the effect I can have on someone’s career is very powerful. This experience has built my confidence to know that yes, I can make a difference.”

Dr Marius Somveille, In2research placement host

Break down barriers to opportunity

Like the new government, we believe that advice on employability and gaining relevant experience are both crucial for young people to kickstart successful careers. We are keen to build support across our programmes for those participating to become agents of growth and change in universities, industry and within their families and communities.

And with our In2careers platform continuing to expand, we’re able to offer access to more resources, events and other opportunities to our alumni so that they can continue to thrive professionally. STEM industries typically offer 20% higher pay, so our support can help provide young people with financial stability and elevate them to a position where they can give back to their own communities.

“[Without In2STEM] these students from disadvantaged backgrounds would have probably not had the opportunity to explore a science sector or experience an office environment, so these types of opportunities are extremely important.

Shona Shah, In2STEM volunteer

Build an NHS fit for the future

To address the immense challenges the NHS faces in the longer term, we need to train and support professionals in all areas of healthcare in the way set out in the NHS workforce plan. At In2scienceUK, one of our priorities is to empower and inspire the future healthcare workforce to boost inclusive recruitment and ultimately improve health and wellbeing outcomes across the country.

As part of our 2023/24 cohort, 58 of our placements were related to healthcare, including projects looking at improving the detection of lung cancer, researching hearing loss treatments and investigating the causes of frontotemporal dementia and motor neurone disease.

  1. In2scienceUK is an award-winning charitable organisation which aims to empower young minds and enhance social mobility and diversity in STEM. Read our organisational strategy in full here.
  2. Colby Benari, CEO of In2scienceUK, is available for interview or comment requests regarding this statement. For further queries, please contact [email protected].