In2research Mentor FAQs

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What are the aims of the programme?

The In2research programme will work with people from low socio-economic backgrounds and endeavours to address two significant barriers for people from under-represented backgrounds accessing post graduate research (PGR) study: a knowledge gap in understanding what postgraduate research is, how to access it and what is required; and the vital research experience postgraduate research programmes require for a student’s application to be competitive.

The programme also aims to build inclusion within institutions and challenge unconscious bias through comprehensive training and development for academics. 

What is the structure of the programme?

In2research is a year-long development and mentorship programme. Students will attend workshops each month addressing key topics in accessing postgraduate study. These will include: 

  • Understanding PhDs: What are they and how do I get one?
  • Critiquing Academic Papers
  • Communication and Presentation skills
  • Professional Networking (in person and online)
  • Building your CV and preparation for interviews

At the end of the month students will have a mentor session with their paired mentor, based on the topic of the webinar. Participants will also attend two away days that are focused on building the students professional skills such as leadership and project management. 

Mentors will also have access to some professional development opportunities such as Communication and Presentation skills. 

The final part of the programme is a fully funded 8-week research placement. Participants will apply for these placements and use it as an opportunity to implement what they have learnt during the programme. 

What is my role as a mentor?

Mentors will run four hour-long mentoring sessions online between November 2021 and February 2022, with one additional session in September 2022. These will take place once a month, and involve talking through pre-prepared tasks with mentees as well as sharing more general advice and experiences from your time in academia. The mentor sessions will expand on topics discussed during workshops that will have taken place earlier that month. Mentors may also provide some support during the placement application process. 

Finally, mentors will be encouraged to come to some elements of the away days such as professional development workshops and the final poster session after the placements. 

Do I have to prepare anything for the sessions?

We will support you on every step of your mentoring journey to ensure you have the confidence and skills to be a great mentor. The tasks discussed in mentoring sessions will be written by the In2research team and completed by participants in advance of the session. You will receive a document each month describing the task that has been set, as well as some of the key messages from their most recent skills workshop. We will also provide a list of talking points to help you to structure discussions in your sessions. 

How will mentor sessions be organised?

Mentor sessions will take place online and we will ask all mentors and mentees to select dates for their sessions after the introduction session in November. Mentors will have access to a bespoke online resource hub which will be a source of information and support throughout the year.

How will mentors be paired with students?

Mentoring groups will be assigned based on the subject interest of mentees and research areas of mentors, with 2-3 mentees in each mentor group. We cannot guarantee that everyone who applies to be a mentor will be successfully matched with students. 

Will I need to supervise a student for a placement?

At the end of the year participants will have access to a fully funded 8-week research placement that they choose and apply for. There will be several projects available for students to select from and are dependent on where the positions are funded. Further information on the placement process will be provided in November. Please note not all mentors will host a participant and this is not a requirement. 

Are there any other commitments?

We require mentors to attend induction and development training, as well as completing some evaluation feedback for the programme. 

Do I get a formal qualification for taking part?

There is no formal qualification, but mentors will receive high-quality professional development training as part of the programme, including a workshop on cultural and race literacy. We are also happy to provide letters of support and impact reports for you to include in your academic profile or future applications. You will have full support from the In2research team as you move through the year.

What is the deadline for applying?

Applications close at midnight 11:59pm on 30 September 2021.

If you have any questions, or need any help completing your application, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

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