Natalie talks team effort, diversity and neurodegenerative Diseases

Dr Natalie Connor Robson, a neurodegeneration researcher from the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics at the University of Oxford has always believed that “Science is a team effort and the more diverse the STEM environment is, the better science will be.” 

Natalie’s lecture on understanding what goes wrong in the brain in Parkinson’s disease had our students delve into the symptoms and neuropathology of the disease and understand how neurodegenerative disease is modelled in the lab. “I was really impressed with the questions and thoughts on neurodegenerative diseases I got from the students.”

Being the first generation in her family to go to University she didn’t know anyone who had studied STEM.  “I would have loved the opportunity to have talked to scientists and learn about the sorts of careers available to me. I really like that In2ScienceUK are proactive in making sure anyone can access STEM careers no matter what their background…”

We are delighted to hear that Natalie has already recommended us to her colleagues for next summer! 

We are extremely grateful to Dr Natalie Connor Robson and the University of Oxford Neuroscience Committee for their continued support of the programme.