Increasing diversity in engineering can be a win-win-win situation.

Being the first person in his family to attend higher education, Liam Vile, a Post Graduate Researcher from the University of Exeter understands the importance of helping disadvantaged students get into engineering. “I know how important it is to help students find their footing in what can be quite an intimidating world.”

According to Engineering UK, one of the key reasons students from low participation backgrounds struggle to get into these subjects is their lack of social capital; they are less likely to know engineers. Liam was able to give our students advice on their personal statements, the differences between engineering courses and how to get a foundation in engineering. 

Liam also got a lot out of participating in the programme. “Developing this course gave me a chance to get back in touch with the bigger picture and give me a better perspective of what I am doing and why.”

Liam’s research is around the development of control systems which maintain an aircraft’s performance. Thank you, Liam and the University of Exeter for your support.