Naomi on Mentoring In2scienceUK’s future Nurses and Midwives

“It has been lovely getting to know and support a group of enthusiastic students who are considering careers in nursing and midwifery.”

Naomi, a Senior Research Midwife in Preterm Birth wanted to get involved with our programme when she saw it advertised on Twitter “It sounded like a really interesting scheme with a great aim. I feel strongly that a diverse workforce can only bring benefits. I also think it is important to make sure young people are aware of the range of STEM careers available.” 

Delivering the mentoring sessions gave her a good excuse to reflect and think about what advice she would have found helpful as a student. “I really enjoyed listening to the students talk about their future goals and aspirations. They are all dedicated and considerate, and I don’t doubt that they will make fantastic future nurses and midwives.”

We appreciate Naomi taking time out of her busy schedule to mentor our students on the In2scienceUK Virtual Placement Programme and this appreciation extends to the Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine at King’s College London for supporting her involvement.