In2scienceUK student, Anya on her interest in genetics

Anya, a sixth form student from Oxford, signed up to the In2scienceUK programme to get a bit of help from us to make future education choices “I was unsure about what degree to take at university and hoped the programme would give some insight to help me make a decision.”

One of the courses Anya really enjoyed was ‘Gene expression to fight viruses’, which explored how the environment can influence gene expression and the development of an organism. Anya explained, “I’ve always had an interest in genetics and how our DNA codes work, so learning more about the complexities of this system was fascinating”. 

We are really delighted that she has found the Virtual Placement Programme enjoyable, “I would recommend it because it covered a broad range of subjects which gave an in-depth look into many different topics.”

We’d like to thank the British Society for Gene Cell Therapy (BSGCT) for helping support students like Anya learn about Gene cell therapy.