Dr Smita Gunnoo gets students to consider the ethics of animal use in research

Dr Smita Gunnoo, Principal Scientist at Pepgen, was keen to get involved in the In2scienceUK Virtual Placement Programme and communicate about animal research to a group of interested students.

Smita is a chemist, with a very keen interest in biology and loved delivering a research course for our students interested in Biochemistry. The course focused on her PhD work with antibodies derived from camels and Smita set our students the task of researching current applications for these types of antibodies. Dr Gunnoo also asked students to write about their views on animal research and hosted a high-level discussion with them in her follow-up lecture!

Through volunteering with us, Smita supported our mission to promote diversity and social mobility in STEM by helping students to feel less intimidated by STEM courses. 

“In2scienceUK are a fantastic organisation, they are clearly passionate about promoting STEM to disadvantaged students, and they are easy to work with. The whole experience was a pleasure.”

We would like to thank Dr Smita Gunnoo for her work this summer. A special thanks also go to the Biochemical Society for helping to support students interested in Biochemistry through our programme. 

Dr Smita Gunnoo