Simon Banks on his summer with In2scienceUK

Dr Simon Banks, Faculty Tutor at the Faculty of Engineering Sciences at UCL, recently led a “really informative” UCL engineering admissions skills course on this summer’s Virtual Placement Programme.   

“It was a privilege recently to host a presentation and Q&A on engineering degrees and admissions for In2ScienceUK. The work done by In2ScienceUK is truly excellent, ensuring that the fascinating and rewarding world of STEM study and careers is open to all, irrespective of background or personal circumstances.”

Simon volunteering with us will make an impact on our students that will last well beyond the effects of the current pandemic.

“Events such as the one with which I was involved are carefully targeted by In2ScienceUK, helping to provide practical guidance and advice on how to pursue a passion for STEM, to complement their other work stimulating passion for the why. The students involved were enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and great fun to speak with!

We are delighted to work with Simon and @UCLEngineering they continue to provide invaluable support.