In2scienceUK helps Subhana explore her options in maths and computer science

Subhana decided to take part in In2scienceUK to explore STEM careers, especially in maths and computer science. 

“There are so many careers you really can get lost, but heard plenty of good tips from people who are specialised in their fields and love what they are doing. I even met a deaf mathematician who works for the Scottish government and found his journey totally inspiring.”

She also enjoyed talking to mentors about their research. “He was really friendly and shared all of his experience and tips. It definitely helped me broaden my horizons and see how many different options are out there and also to be more confident about university research.” 

We are so pleased Subhana joined us this summer and found the experience and support valuable. Congratulations also go to her on being a competition winner and receiving £100 amazon vouchers.  

 “I really valued this experience and I met so many professionals and PhD students and gained a lot more insight about university.  If you love something, you can definitely achieve it.”

Subhana, student