In2scienceUK Launches a New Programme to Help Get You In2research!

Find out more about it in this blog post from a member of the In2research team:

Thinking of doing a PhD (but not actually sure how to get there?) In2research is for you!

Doing a PhD always seemed like the obvious next step. I was studying for a STEM degree, fascinated by the subject and excited by the idea of helping to improve our understanding of the field. 

What wasn’t obvious, was anything else about it. 

I didn’t know exactly what a PhD was, let alone how to apply for one. How do I find a position? Is it paid? Do I have enough experience? Am I what they’re looking for? 

Navigating this process can feel completely overwhelming, and this is where In2research comes in. In2research is a year-long programme designed to guide participants through all the steps from undergraduate degree to postgradute study with the help of bespoke skills workshops, mentoring, community-building away days and a fully funded 8-week research placement. Aimed at students currently studying for their degree, or those already in the workforce, this programme tackles questions such as how to prepare academic CVs, sit a PhD interview, network, and how to access funding throughout an academic career. 

A key value of the charity throughout all of this is to improve diversity at the postgraduate level. By offering guidance to those who may have had to figure out a lot of this on their own so far, they aim to create a STEM community with the same opportunities for everyone. In2research can help build a bridge between your current studies and a future in research, which makes crossing that gap feel a lot less daunting. 

I am fortunate to have made it on to a well-funded PhD programme, but the journey was not the smoothest! I know how valuable this kind of guidance can be at this point in an academic career, and I hope now that by being a part of In2research I can help other people make decisions that are right for them (and avoid some of the mistakes I made along the way). 

If you think you could benefit from support like this, check out our webpage. Applications for the 2021/22 programme open today, and the In2research team are excited to help you show the world what you have to offer.