For our alumni: How to Get Hired as a Recent Graduate

It was a real pleasure to host Dave Farmer, CEO of Harnham, at our last In2scienceUK Alumni Event.

An impressive figure in the Data & Analytics recruitment industry over the past 15 years, he knows what makes a great job applicant and interviewee, and was able to share some of his top tips covering interview techniques, how to present yourself, and online networking advice. 

Dave outlined the STAR technique, a useful model for answering questions in interviews that creates a clear narrative behind examples of your experience, allowing you to emphasise your role in specific projects and the impact it had. 

He also went over how to answer common questions in interviews and provided some great tips sheets on these and the STAR interview technique available for you here.

Dave also offered advice on creating a strong LinkedIn network of people, adding members of companies you are interested in to get further insight on people’s careers paths and create new contacts. To get started, why not start with our own LinkedIn Alumni Community

Finally, although he took questions on the day, Dave is keen to offer continued support to the In2scienceUK alumni community, in particular via LinkedIn. You can connect with Dave and get in touch here (be sure to mention you’re In2ScienceUK alumni!). 

This is just one of the opportunities we host within the In2scienceUK alumni network. The primary ways to hear about these are our LinkedIn Alumni Community and our newsletter. 

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