NCR Foundation to support 65 young people on the In2scienceUK Programme

We are delighted to announce that the NCR Foundation will be supporting 65 young people on the In2scienceUK Programme in 2022. NCR Foundation are focused on advancing STEM education for students in under-served communities. 

In2scienceUK’s mission is to empower young people from low-income backgrounds to achieve their potential and progress to science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) degrees and careers. 

As we continue to expand across the UK, we are delighted to be partnering with the NCR Foundation. Our partnership will directly benefit 65 young people who will be fully supported across our 2022 programme. As part of our innovative programme young people will benefit from access to mentoring support, expert led skills workshops, and industry placements. Our Programme allows young people to build their knowledge, confidence, employability skills and forge networks necessary for them to have a successful future.

The NCR Foundation seeks to be a catalyst for opportunity and change by ensuring young people’s STEM potential is not limited by the opportunities available to them. By advancing STEM education and opportunities for all, they seek to eliminate poverty and drive economic development. 

In2scienceUK seeks to promote inclusivity and diversity so that the STEM sector reflects the whole of our society. Young people from low-income and under-represented backgrounds face major barriers when pursuing their interest in STEM. By working together with partners such as the NCR Foundation, we are able to provide life changing support to young people, whilst promoting greater diversity and inclusion in the sector.