Covid-19 Statement

Student health and safety is our top priority, and we are working to make certain that all appropriate measures are in place to ensure that students can take part in our programme and have the most fulfilling and rewarding experience possible. We continue to constantly monitor the advice from government and health officials and will update this page should anything change.

The In2scienceUK Programme

The In2scienceUK programme gives Year 12 students insights beyond the classroom to support progression to diverse careers within science, technology, engineering and mathematics!

The 2022 In2scienceUK programme offers students an exciting in-person work experience – alongside online skills, career, and university support workshops- for low-income and disadvantaged students working with researchers and professionals from world-leading universities and industries.

This unique experience will give students the opportunity to get hands-on with real-world cutting-edge research and projects in a professional setting.

Students also benefit from access to expert careers mentoring and advice from their hosts, as well as career, employability and STEM skills workshops hosted throughout the summer’s 5-week programme.

Gaining meaningful real-world experience is invaluable…

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It’s given me many more ideas about what I could do, things that I didn’t think were available to me. All I could base my ideas on before was what was taught in school, but now I have real-life experience.

LauraOxford Centre for Human Brain Activity, University of Oxford

This placement made me realise that a career in science or continuing education into research was what I wanted or would want in the future. A lot of the people working there had different experiences as to how they got to where they are.

MariamKing’s College London, Department of Physics

This experience has changed my view on the field of Chemistry by showing me how broad the subject can be! My placement helped me understand better the potential career of becoming a synthetic chemist which I am now interested in pursuing!

DahnQueen Mary, University of London, Department of Chemistry

The experience allowed me to drop my stereotype of what a scientist or engineer actually do what they are. They are not only in the lab or product development but important throughout the whole process. This experience gave me the opportunity to network and see the benefits of a large international company, that I thought would otherwise be impossible for someone like me.

AmirDell Technologies

On this placement, I found that there are many more Chemistry applications to medicine than a lot of people are led to believe. I was given insight into engineering, physics and even learnt some computer programming, which falls under the umbrella of chemistry and contributes to current biomedical solutions.

CherylImperial College, London

Learning how to do experiments in a real-life setting motivated me to study harder for my A-levels


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