In2scienceUK takes a whistle-stop tour through the world of chemistry

Who is responsible for a doubling of human life expectancy? Who has revolutionised Olympic and Paralympic sport? Who has enabled us to watch television on our mobile phones? The answer to all of these questions and many more is chemists. 

Our students found out how, in a whistle-stop tour through the world of chemistry with Dr Annie Hodgson MRSC.  “I was honoured and delighted to be invited to deliver my talk ‘What has chemistry ever done for us?’ to the In2ScienceUK class of 2020.”

Annie, teaches in the Department of Chemistry at the University of York – she has a background in both biological and analytical chemistry, she is a science communicator, delivering talks and workshops for schools and the public, she is also the editor of the A-level magazine “Chemistry Review”.

“I was impressed by the intelligent and insightful questions that the students asked me. I hope that they feel inspired to continue their chemistry studies and pursue a STEM-related career. I wish them well for the future.”

Thank you, Annie, for your time, and to the Royal Society of Chemistry, who support our students on the Programme interested in Chemistry. You can find out more about becoming a Royal Society of Chemistry member here